“Mathas is underrated beyond belief” - The Brag, Sydney
“One of my favourite lyricists in the country” - Dom Alessio, triple J
“Unique and mesmerizing” - Tonedeaf
“The Perth maestro doesn’t get nearly enough recognition for his brilliance.” - The Music, Melbourne
“Distilled Midnight Oil, frozen in carbonite and revived as a synth-loving slam poet.” - Rolling Stone Magazine
“Mathas is such an engaging performer on stage and just oozes sincerity” - The West Australian


Mathas has somewhat cartoonishly rapped on stages around Australia for yonks.

A ferociously talented visual artist, poet, producer and performer, Mathas writes lyrics with a greatly unique level of detail and intricacy. The subjects he chooses for his stories are often uncomfortable reflections on Australian society, however the nature of his comedic, character-filled performance style tends to draw the crowd into the narrative and coerce them to feel involved. A pretty positive, communal energy emasses in the room when he’s on stage.

Mathas was the first ever hiphop or electronic artist to win the WA Music Industry’s coveted Song of the Year Grand Prize with the song ‘Nourishment’ as well as consecutive WAMI Awards for Urban Act of the Year in 2012, 2013, 2014 and again in 2016.

In October 2015 Mathas released his critically acclaimed sophomore album ‘Armwrestling Atlas” which was nominated for the Australian Music Prize and received 4 star reviews across multiple media publications including Rolling Stone & The Brag.

In 2016 Mathas’ song “Bravo Troll” went on to become an anti-bullying resource for schools through The Bully Project.

The last 6 months have seen Mathas take a break from shows and touring to bury deep into writing and recording a new two-ep project set for release in early 2019.  As a taste of what’s to come, the haunting new film-clip for his song ‘Tacit Night Sweats’ will arrive in February 2019.